Blockchain Certificate of Authenticity


Protect Your Investment

A digital certificate of authenticity that serves as a fraud-proof source of authenticated product information. Easily share product history, transfer ownership, or flag a product as lost or stolen.

Protect your high-value assets and gain exclusive access
to the latest product deals and offers.

  • Transferable authenticated product information
  • Easily share proof of ownership and product authenticity
  • Command the price you deserve in the secondhand market
  • Access to exclusive product deals and offers from brands and retailers
  • Flag your product if lost or stolen

Innovative Marketing Functionality

Turn every product you sell into a channel
to reach new and existing customers


Enabling businesses to grow and defend their customer base

Create customizable digital certificates of authenticity, embed customer guarantees, and send exclusive promotions to product owners in realtime.
Lock ID smart receipts remain valid for the lifetime of the product, allowing brands and retailers to increase customer loyalty and reach new customers in the secondhand market.

A Revolution in Retention Marketing

  • Protect your Brand Reputation from Counterfeits.
  • Embed Customer Guarantees and Incentives.
  • Send Real-Time Exclusive Promotions and Offers.
  • Reach Owners Throughout Product's Lifecycle.
  • Promote a Sustainable Secondhand Market.

A Valuable Addition to Any High-Value Item

Create Real Change

Creating Trust


Increase trust in the market.
Allow customers to command the price they deserve in the secondhand market, help fight the proliferation of stolen and counterfeit goods, and increase trust between buyers and sellers.

Reducing Waste


Promote a circular economy.
Increase the secondhand value and lifespan of your products. Reduce waste and promote a more circular economy where buyers and sellers are more willing to engage.

Protecting Brands


Protect your brand.
Protect the value of your brand by providing your customers with a fraud-proof digital certificate of authenticy, and begin fighting back against the damage caused by counterfeit goods.

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